Amano Eco Puna Black
Amano Eco Puna Black

Amano Eco Puna Black

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Eco Puna in Quechua (The native language of the Incas) means natural mountains of the Andes.

The alpaca has the widest range of natural colors in the world, including pure black. Eco Puna Black represents Amano®’s strong desire to preserve this unique strong black color.

With the black edition of Eco Puna, Amano® aims to support the Andean communities in the breeding of alpacas with pure black fibre in an effort to re-establish this population, which has dropped dramatically, to the point that is accounts for only 0.03% of all alpaca fibre.

Eco Puna Black yarn supports the Yanapaco (Black alpaca) program, which seeks to provide incentives for the production of alpacas with pure black fibre with the purpose of recovering this population. The Yanapaco program is part the Pacomarca Sustainable Alpaca Network.        

100 % Baby Alpaca

Weight 25 gr. | Approx. 68 yd. / 63 m. | Needle size 6 US