Malabrigo Sock KAL 2021

Malabrigo Sock KAL 2021

We hope you are able to find the right colors for your Temperance Shawl here. 

For more information and to sign up to participate in this year's Malabrigo Knit-Along  visit their website at

The pictured model was made with the new Malabrigo Colors Jasmine, Myths & Gingy.


Here are other color combinations we think you might like:


Malabrigo Sock

  Disfraz, Frank Ochre, Archangel

 Disfraz, Piedras, Ivy
  Disfraz, Piedras, Archangel
 Disfraz, Frank Ochre, Eggplant 
Malabrigo Mechita
Frank Ochre, Paris Night, Storm
Polar Morn, Paris Night, Storm
Frank Ochre, Diana, Moon Trio Full
Polar Morn, Paris Night, Moon Trio Full
Frank Ochre, Paris Night, Moon Trio Full